News, 20.01.2020

High-proof diamond fever

The well-known Ukrainian spirit brand “Khortytsa” has refined the look of its Premium vodka. Diamonds now decorate the 700 ml glass bottles, which are being produced at Vetropack’s Gostomel plant.

The high-quality vodka by the “Khortytsa” brand deserves an equally high-quality design. By reworking the original shape of the bottle, we were able to meet this customer request and retain the elegant shape of the flint glass bottle. The diamond-shaped engraving now stands out, creating the appearance of diamonds encasing the entire bottle. The lettering and the gold logo have also been refined in the process and the screw cap, which is also gold, completes the overall look.

The wheat-based vodka by the largest manufacturer in Ukraine will win you over with its refreshing taste and mellow flavour. The popularity of this spirit is founded on the natural purity of the water and the requirement of the Premium production process to exclusively use organic ingredients.