News, 01.07.2021

We know the winners of the Little Things

In March, our company Vetropack Nemšová in cooperation with MAS Vršatec announced the second year of the successful grant program Little Things Around Us, the winners of which receive a grant of EUR 500.

This year, 11 colorful projects applied, which attracted not only a visual demonstration of the future state, but mainly their contribution to local communities. The company's employees had the opportunity to decide on the winners of the program with their vote by June 15, 2021, at which point we can briefly present the winning projects:

- Tourist information painting on the bridge pillar in Ľuborč by Mrs. Katarína Holíčková from Dolná Súča
- Educational atrium with a board wall in the exterior of the Kindergarten on Ul. Kropáč in Nemšová
- Information board on the site of the former forest railway in Ľuborč from the civic association Hubert based in Ľuborč
- Revitalization of the playground at the Janka Palu housing estate in Nemšová - Project sent by Mrs. Viera Benková from Nemšová
- Wooden bench with a book booth by the Važina pond, which will be taken care of by Mr. Vojt from Klíč